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  • How to become a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor
  • Want to teach the Utah CFP Course? Here’s how

    1. Purchase the Utah CFP instructor course below (You can recoup the costs in teaching 1-4 people!)
    2. Become certified as an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
    3. Become certified as a Utah BCI instructor
    4. Purchase the Utah CFP instructor program to get your course setup

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    The following video shows you what’s inside of the program. Please watch this in full-screen mode.

    Here’s what’s included in the program
    With this DVD program, you will get about 2 hours of instruction on how to teach the Utah CFP course and how to be successful in doing so. Here are some of the topics that I cover: Part I: Setting up your instructor course, Part II: Advertising and getting students, Part III: Teaching the class, Part IV: Logistical matters and Part V: Getting certified to teach. I also cover the Utah CFP itself and the things that you should teach during the course. Not only do you get my instruction, you also receive the power point presentation that I’ve crafted with all of the videos and teaching images. I’ll also teach you how to fingerprint with videos that give accurate demonstration. I’ve also included the Logos you’ll be able to use, my Utah CFP handout that Utah BCI requires an instructor to give, legal issues with Utah self defense law, a Utah CFP test that you can give to your students (see the sample below – the one in the packet does not have my logo on it) and other materials that will help you be the best possible Utah CFP instructor out there. After you purchase the DVD using the Google Checkout button above, I will mail you the DVD program to the address you supply during checkout. Best of all, there’s FREE SHIPPING!

    Utah Concealed Carry Test Demo

    Want to find out more about why you should become a Utah CFP instructor? Keep reading…

    The following will give a step?by?step account of how to begin the process.
    The Utah CFP is one of the most highly sought after concealed carry permits in the nation
    because nearly 30 states recognize it. Not only are there thousands of Utah residents
    seeking the permit, but people all over the United States want this permit. I have
    personally taught over 150 people in Illinois in a three day weekend. While the work is
    hard, the payout has been tremendous! Aside from the obvious financial reasons to
    become an instructor, you have the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives by
    arming them with the skills and mindset necessary for self defense.
    I’m offering this program for the very same reason that got me into teaching concealed
    carry; namely, inadequate instructors. I feel strongly about personal protection and
    effective, proficient use of firearms. All too often, I bump into people with concealed carry
    permits who are either ignorant of fundamental concealed carry principles or just don’t
    know how to shoot. My passion for concealed carry has led me to this point of offering
    courses on how to teach concealed carry, so Utah CFP holders aren’t just cannon fodder for
    bad guys.
    Purchasing this program is just the first step.  You still need to get certified to teach.  The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) is the state agency that has exclusive
    control over the Utah CFP. BCI requires you to be an NRA certified instructor before they
    will allow to attend their 4 hour CFP instructor workshop. The Utah BCI workshop fills up
    fast so the sooner you get your credentials the better for you. People are coming from all
    over the nation to attend.