Concealed Carry Holster Review | One of the best IWB holsters money can buy

Black Mamba CE

After searching long and far for the best concealed carry holster on the market, I’ve finally found two holsters that deserve a shout-out!  This is a review of the first of the two.  I have a coupon code for both of these holsters for those who attend our course.  Here are some of the highlights about this holster.


I have found the Concealment Solutions Black Mamba CE to be extremely comfortable.  I found this to be try during a three hour road trip where I didn’t have to move the holster at all during the drive.  This is remarkable because with other holsters I’ve had, they have been nothing but trouble and needed constant readjustment.



The Kydex holster portion is custom fit to give a secure hold on the handgun. There are two spots where the Kydex holds onto the firearm.  The first is on top of the trigger guard and the other is on the notch of the breach face of the slide.  Black Mamba Rear View


The Concealment Solutions Black Mamba CE is handcrafted.  Looking over the holster, you can tell that it has been made with care.


Straight from concealment solutions, here’s a description of the materials used “is made using high grade cowhide for the base, hand-molded Kydex holster body, and steel belt clips. The belt clips are adjustable for a custom fit.”


The finish on the leather is exceptionally bright and smooth.  Kydex has a mildly rough texture finish which is hardly noticble.

Black Mamba Back Side



The best thing about this holster is that it combines the best of two worlds: namely, leather for comfort and Kydex for size retention.  I have long loved leather holsters because of their comfort and great ability to flex and move with your body.  The major downside to some leather holsters is that once you draw from concealment, the holster will collapse under the pressure from your belt.  The Kydex coupled with leather makes this an excellent combo.


As I have limited use with this holster I can’t speak for the long term durability of the holster.  I can, however, say that the thick leather appears to be an ideal surface to hold the Kydex in place.


As you can see from the slide show below, this concealed carry holster also works well with other Glock models as well.  I feel that this holster would also an exceptional job on the Glock 19/23.  The model 17/22 might not work as well as I’d like but I think with the right shirt combo, this holster would do awesome!

Up and down comparison of the Black Mamba


This is really THE deciding factor when it comes to a concealed carry holster; how well does your holster conceal the firearm that you want to conceal.  I’ve heard plenty of people say to me that a concealed carry firearm should be comforting, not comfortable.  Well, I’ve always been the one guy who goes against the grain and challenges conventional wisdom.  I personally believe that this hybrid kydex and leather holster does an outstanding job of concealing the firearm and makes it comfortable to carry.  Take a look at the picture to the side to see how well this holster does with a Glock 27 (sub-compact), Glock 19 (compact) and the Glock 22 (full size).  Be sure to click on the image so you can see the image in its full size.  Lastly, I have to mention that if a holster can look this good with a plan t-shirt, it would do exceptional with a collared shirt as well.  I don’t think I would personally carry the Glock 22 with plain t-shirt in this holster but I would feel totally comfortable with this holster in a collared shirt – no hesitation at all!  Check it out today over at Concealment Solutions.  Remember, if you took my class, you get a coupon code to use at check out to save 10 percent.





  1. I am in the process of deciding which holster to purchase for a first time concealed carry holster. I have narrowed my search to the MTAC by Minotaur, the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe, and this Black Mamba CE for my new 4th gen Glock 23. Of these holsters, which would you recommend for a first time purchaser? I am quite impressed with what I’m hearing of the Black Mamba.

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