5 Best CCW revolvers

MyUtahCCW’s top 5 revolvers for your Utah Concealed Carry (lowest price on up)

Most people coming here, looking to get their Utah CCW permit are also looking to save some money before getting their first revolver.  So this is why the revolvers are organized in order of price.

#1: Rossi 357 2in Revolver

Utah Concealed Carry Rossi 357 revolver

Utah Concealed Carry revolver specs


While Rossi isn’t the most common name in Concealed Carry Revolvers, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this Utah CCW revolver.  No fancy bells and whistles on this bad boy, but for the price you can’t go wrong.  Here’s a little video of a 357 Rossi.

  • #2 Taurus 357 2 in Concealed Carry Revolver

Utah Concealed Carry Revolver


Taurus is a little better name and you’ll add a stainless steel finish for this Utah CCW revolver.  You won’t be upset with the quality and the features of this revolver.

  • #3 Ruger 2.25 in Revolver
Ruger 2 in Utah CCW

Review:  Rugers have a little better reputation than the the Taurus version of this Utah CCW revolver.  I  think that their reputation is well deserved.  With many more features than the other revolvers, you’ll be pleased with the longevity and strong character of these revolvers.  Great little Gun!


Ruger Specs for your Utah CCW#4 S&W 357 Scandian

Utah Concealed Carry Revolver
Utah Concealed Revolver in S&W lightweight
  • Review: The most amazing thing about this Utah Concealed Carry Revolver is it’s light weight.  Your bullets probably weigh more than this revolver.  With this S&W and the one below, you’ll get a great name and a great gun!  Wow, these look nice!

#5 S&W

Utah CCW revoler in 357 Magnum

Utah CCW Spec

Sorry about this video…it’s the best I could find for the S&W’s.  The action starts at about 1 min…hang in there.


  1. Anonymous says:

    where is the stat box on the taurus. All are 357 mags. While a 357 will fire .38 or a 357, the .38 seems to be getting more popular. Especially with the ruger lcr at ridiculously low prices for ruger.

    • UtahCCW says:

      Yeah, I agree. Lots of people are opting for the .38 because you can get such a nice light weight pistol in the LCR. You can get the same light weight pistol in the .357 but the price tag is a bit much. The S&W from the Performance Center is pricey. Last I saw the Price climbed from $850 to $1100. Crazy!

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